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About Me
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Who Am I?

My name is Anne, I am 27 years old, and I live in Québec City, Canada. I love classical music, especially the sound of the viola. I bought a viola and started taking formal lessons in June, 2002.

My Professional Background

I work as a computer analyst at the CHUL Research Center, in Québec City. I also own my own small business, and sell Usana products.

My Musical Background

I took piano lessons at age 8-10, then flute lessons while at high school, and then guitar lessons back in 1995, and finally I have taken voice lessons with a private teacher since 2001. I took my first viola lesson on June the 15th, 2002.

I support my local orchestra - the Québec Symphony, which is Canada's oldest one - and am involved in various choirs.

My Hobbies (other than playing the viola)

bulletI sing with the Québec Symphonic Choir, which is the Québec Symphony's official choir. I also volunteer for the Symphony.
bulletI have passed my amateur radio licence
bulletI have surfed the Internet for 7 years
bulletI volunteer as a Spirit Fairy for The Site Fights (My Fairy Name: Fairy D'Viola) - You may visit my team page
bulletOther hobbies include photography, shopping, music and travelling abroad